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Don't put all your fruits in one social network. Your giveaway works the same inside and outside social networks. You can run your giveaway on any page, anywhere, and even more than one place at once!

Powerful & Crazy-Simple

As always, we’re obsessed w/ ensuring Rafflecopter is delightfully simple, but doesn’t cramp your style. Get creative! Rafflecopter can handle whatever ideas you dream up. And it’s still as simple as copy/paste!

Own the Experience

Rafflecopter also works outside of social networks, which too often steal your fans’ attention. You can run your giveaway on sites you own, where you control the experience & your brand is the focus.

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Rafflecopter is a really brilliant addition to the online marketer's toolset. It's a simple widget that does great things after all, it's all about the customer experience…
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