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David Sanmartin

Digital Marketing Manager @ OnePlus

Rafflecopter is one of the best tools I've ever used for online giveaways. It lets you engage with potential customers in a more interactive way and definitely helped us strengthen our community online.

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Dave Fluegge

Director, Social and New Media @ Colorado Tourism Office

We love Rafflecopter because it allows us to create much more dynamic giveaways without the typical increase in cost and development time.

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Jason Dilworth

Project Manager @ Fifty6 Ltd.

Due to its simplicity of use, and the myriad of uses, Rafflecopter is now part of the play for every client of Fifty6 Ltd.

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Audrey Bellis

Director of Community @ Indie Desk

It's of critical importance to me that the tools I have in my arsenal are able to be used across platforms, markets, and companies I represent. I have been using Rafflecopter since my first e-commerce business. Rafflecopter takes away all the stress in running giveaways so that I can focus on the important part: the community participating in them. I get asked to do promotions all the time. We won't run shared promotions unless they are via Rafflecopter as a firm rule. Using anything else would be a waste of time.

Mike Rush

Project Manager @ Webroot

I love the simplicity & ease of the Rafflecopter dashboard. Duplicating a successful giveaway from the past is one of my favorite features and streamlines the process for sweepstakes.

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Jill Smokler

Owner @ Scary Mommy

Rafflecopter is the easiest way out there to host a giveaway. Businesses are always happy with the results and I’m thrilled with the ease of it. I’ll never run a giveaway another way again!

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Graeme Gibson

Content Strategy @

Before Rafflecopter, we had a hard time engaging with our audience and all the hard work and time we were investing into social media wasn’t giving us the results we wanted. Once we started implementing Rafflecopter, we started receiving much more engagement on our social media channels. Now we have a consistent level of engagement, a vibrant and active audience, and many other perks like positive reviews, valuable customer insight, and even new customers.

Christy Jordan

Owner @ Southern Plate

I tried Rafflecopter for the first time recently and I have never had a giveaway go so smoothly before! My first Rafflecopter giveaway ended up being the biggest of all time with well over 60,000 entries. Picking winners has never been easier, either. I only wish I had of discovered Rafflecopter sooner but now that I know how easy they can make my life and the lives of my readers, I’ll never do a giveaway without it!

Kate Tilton

Owner @

Rafflecopter is my favorite tool to host giveaways! I love the ease of creating and managing giveaways, the sleek style, and the powerful analytics. I recommend Rafflecopter to anyone who hosts giveaways. Not only will you get an amazing tool that will save you buckets of time, but you will also get amazing support. The team at Rafflecopter is unique, fun, and helpful. I have loved using Rafflecopter and spreading the word. I wouldn’t use anything else.

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Christine Wilson

Founder @ MtoM Consulting

We LOVE Rafflecopter and use it in so many of our campaigns. It gives us the ability to engage consumers with a client’s brand across social media, email marketing, and more. We are able to utilize these connections for follow on marketing activities and to strengthen the longevity of our campaigns.

Keely Nolan

Marketing @ TapInfluence

Rafflecopter is a self-explanatory tool for me to set up a sweepstakes and self-explanatory for the influencers I work with. My clients love being able to see growth within their communities tied directly to Rafflecopter results.

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