Our Refund Policy

Rafflecopter is a freemium, no-contract, monthly subscription service. That means you can sign up & use an awesome core version of Rafflecopter free of charge! We also offer free trials of the ‘Basic’, ‘Grow’, and ‘Premium’ subscriptions, which is a great way to demo our paid plans.

Our refund policy is simple: if you’re ever unhappy with Rafflecopter for one reason or another, drop us a line at support@rafflecopter.com and we’ll treat you how we’d like to be treated. Examples of full refunds we’d grant:

Examples of partial refunds or credits we’d grant:

Annual subscription refund policy: If you request a refund of your annual subscription, we’ll offer you a partial refund of the time you haven’t used. This refund amount will be based on unused months as if you have been paying the full monthly fee for the entire duration of your annual subscription.

While we believe Rafflecopter will make it easy to launch a successful giveaway, the success of your promotion will depend on your ability to promote your campaign. Rafflecopter does not provide refunds or credits for a giveaway deemed as ‘poor performing’ by the admin (though we do have a fantastic giveaway best practices & strategy guide aimed to help you learn fundamental techniques & strategies for running successful giveaways!).

At the end of the day, every situation is a case-by-base basis & the last thing we want is for you to walk away unhappy! Email us at support@rafflecopter.com and we’ll be happy to assist.

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